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We got you covered! Becoming Known is your complete digital marketing partner dedicated to growing your brand and business. Whether you have an existing online presence or just starting out, we'll work together and guide you along the path to your success by doing our three simple step process:


Shape Your Product, Brand or Niche

Being clear on your messaging and communication is of critical importance. We go under the hood to build a strong and clear foundation of communication so your customers can easily follow along. Simply, when clients understand, they buy.


Create or Modify Your Online Site(s)

What is the best mechanism to engage your clients? Together, we explore a variety of proven mechanisms to get your product, brand, or service out there to tons of paying clients and customers.


Create a Dynamic, Automated System

We drive traffic into your automated email marketing system to keep current and potential customers engaged. As you connect, you establish yourself as an industry authority. Your audience and influence will inevitably grow!

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Client Attracting Services

Complete Done-For-You Marketing Site

You get more than just a website! You have a complete, dynamic client driven solution to readily generate, capture, engage and manage new customers. Your site should always be working for you!

Lead magnets and Landing Pages

We design and implement focus driven lead magnets and landing pages for clients to "opt-in" to your site in exchange for valuable and free content. It's critical to continue growing your database.

Automated Funnel Campaigns

The right funnel campaign is key to your success. Attract strangers, convert visitors, close leads, and delight customers. Keep the customer on-boarding experience extremely easy and rewarding.

Pinpoint Customer Advertising

One of the many benefits of online advertising is the ability to specifically target your ideal consumers and avatars. Instead of using big ad budgets to blanket everyone, we can use low-cost precision to cater to your audience.

Webinars and Digital Course Design

One of the best ways to scale or brand a business is to create recurring income through the sales of digital online courses or products via fun and dynamic webinars. Keep your audience engaged and let the orders begin.

Kindle E-Books and ACX Audiobooks

Learn how and business owner can grow their brand and business with a bestselling e-book and audiobook. We guide you through the effortless process from concept to completion. You don't even have to write one word!


Whether it's a single episode or an entire series, podcasts can drive traffic to your brand or business. Even one produced episode can be used repeatedly for marketing purposes with immense success.

Free Publicity and Press Releases

Popular publications need content! Get your press release in your industry magazine or trade journal and you will get noticed. Getting the right coverage adds authority and credibility to your name.

Web Graphic and Video Design

Whether through eye-catching graphics or cinematic videography, visual appeal is vital to your online business. Simply, stunning visuals communicate to your viewers on a gut level by stimulating aesthetic senses while increasing a feeling of energy and connection.

Web Accessibility Services

ADA Compliance now applies to ALL business websites and every website online must comply with the Website Accessibility Guidelines or face massive penalties. We perform a website audit and fix any issues, so you are friendly with ADA laws.

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Digital Marketing and

Authority Branding Made Easy

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